Andrea is a catalyst to provoke lasting change in the belief system of Christians. His insights have empowered countless individuals all over the world to explosively push the boundary of the Kingdom of God anywhere, anytime.

4 corner stones of Andrea’s teachings



Andrea strongly believes that before God tells us to do something, He first reveals who we are so we can live from our identity.



If you don’t have the gift of healing don’t worry. Christ in You has it! Andrea passionately and practically equips people for the healing ministry.



Andrea is convicted that we can only be prophetic to the degree we see from God’s perspective. Say what God says by seeing what He sees.



We need more people in the great commission with great compassion! Andrea believes that darkness is being pushed back by us becoming lovers!


I have been honored to call Andrea someone not just to work with, but also a good friend. His impeccable integrity causes him to never compromise away from what the Word of God says can be done, and his heart for people compels him with love to make a difference. He is a rare gift to the body of Christ by shining forth the kingdom light in a wide variety of ministries.

Paul Rapley


What impressed me the most when I met Andrea for the first time was his intimate relationship and friendship with Jesus. I also know Andrea has a real gift to activate everyday believers in walking in an every day Holy Spirit empowered lifestyle. He has been a great encouragement to many churches to teach Holy Spirit gifts for evangelism. I highly recommend Andrea Di Meglio as a great teacher and equipper in the body of Christ but even more so as a great role model of someone that lives a natural supernatural lifestyle as a friend of Jesus.

Jason Chin

Love Says Go Ministries

The life of Andrea di Meglio speaks volumes! I was there when Andi experienced for the first time how a young man was healed through his prayer. This experience awakened in him a hunger and a passion that was only exceeded by his willingness to pursue the cause of Jesus and to give space in his life. This changed him and with him countless people he met.

Marius Bühlmann

Leader of Vineyard Bern

Andrea di Meglio makes healing and evangelism so easy, a child could do it! I don’t know of a better teaching or presentation to catapult you into the supernatural.


Sid Roth

Host, It’s Supernatural!

Andrea is an amazing man who lives what he teaches. He spends his life stepping out in faith and living a supernatural life while taking others on the journey with him. He is a leader passionate about equipping and empowering people to live authentically what they believe!

John Redenbo

Visionary strategist and market leader


– Death Faced –

Andrea’s Mom had a near-death experience when she was 18 years old in which she saw a peace-giving light. After that she started to pursue spiritual things because she knew that death wouldn‘t be the end. Besides being hungry for esoteric and occult experiences, drugs like alcohol and cannabis started accompanying her life. She wanted to find that peace-giving light once again but was looking for it at the wrong places. When his Mom was 21 years old he had the privilege to discover the light of the world (we are talking about Andrea’s birth). What about his Dad? He had aggression, drugs and probably other issues in his life. He threatened more than once to kill Andrea. And one time, as it got pretty serious, Andrea and his Mom escaped to a women’s refuge house for safety.

– Two Colliding Worlds –

The logical consequences of the things which occurred was divorce. Being filled with fear and having a single Mom, Andrea didn’t have a rosy future in sight. Over and over again he stood out in a negative way at school. Throughout his childhood Andrea had regular nightmares and many times woke up screaming. A world we can’t see with our natural eyes then started to become visible to him. Andrea saw things he did not want to see and heard voices he did not want to hear. He was facing darkness. But he knew that if there is evil, there had to be the good. And occasionally Andrea felt a supernatural peace that was with him or even heard an audible voice gently calling his name.

– God The Life-Giver –

When Andrea was about 11 years old, friends from the village next to where he and his Mom used to live, told them about Jesus. From then on they encountered the one and only God that delivers and gives us joy. His Mom’s life was dramatically changed after the supernatural intervention of Jesus. She stopped using drugs and started to handle life well. Andrea was fascinated to see what God had done in his Mom’s life. But for himself, he didn’t want to let Jesus come too close to his heart even though he would still hear His voice clearly – knowing details about others or God showing him things about the future. But Andrea’s life was still being influenced by great fear. For example, he was so scared of the dark that he only stopped sleeping without a light when he was 13 years old. When Andrea was 17 years old, he came broken before the Lord the first time. It was November 2007. He told Him that he had been deceiving himself all his life. Andrea tried to be strong by himself, not showing any feelings, and he told himself for years that it did not bother him growing up without a natural father. All the walls Andrea had built around his heart collapsed. He started to experience how God became his Father and that He cares for him. And he was able to forgive his biological father. And God also delivered Andrea from those frightening encounters he had regularly been having.

– And Now? –

Literally every day Andrea feels what it means to be loved by God. So now he wants to give other people the opportunity to get to know Him too; this powerful and loving Father Andrea now experiences himself. There is nothing in his life that would qualify him to do what he is doing except for him saying, “Yes” to the living God. Andrea’s Mom remarried an amazing guy in 2012. And it is always a great pleasure for him to spend time with them. Our Father truly is the redeemer!


2019 - May

The production of „Christ in You: The Voice“ was celebrating its world premiere.

2018 - November

Was featured at „Sid Roth it’s Supernatural“ show.

2018 - October

His first book „What do You See?“ was released (So far only available in German).

2017 - November

Ministering at the well known „Revolution Conference“ in Rio de Janeiro where several thousands burning Christians attended.

2017 - January

The production of „Christ in You: The Movie“ was celebrating its world premiere.

2015 - June

Graduated the Vineyard Leadership Training.

2014 - May

Graduated all three years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

2010 - August

Successfully finished his computer science study.