Do you know that you are at the very place God wants you to be? God is training you for something bigger to come. He is preparing you for what He has prepared for you. Moses lived 40 years in the desert after already living 40 years in a palace. He probably did not believe that he was at the place God wanted him to be, but he was! God wanted Moses to lead sheep so he could lead Israel. Moses got to know the desert because Israel was supposed to go through the desert in order to get to the Promised Land. So he knew the environment. But because Moses was faithful with small things, God gave him the big thing. If we are faithful with the small things God gives us, we prepare ourselves to receive the big thing He has in store for us.

Many people are waiting for an opportunity to do great things for God, but He is waiting for us to do small things with great faith. – Wendy Backlund